Pro-diversity party hijacks anti-Islam PVV's election announcement in Rotterdam

Tunahan Kuzu (Photo: Tunahan Kuzu/Facebook). (Tunahan Kuzu (Photo: Tunahan Kuzu/Facebook))

Pro-diveristy party DENK will be taking part in the municipal elections in Rotterdam next year, party leader Tunahan Kuzu announced in Rotterdam on Thursday morning. He did this at the Essalam mosque - in the same place, and just moments before, anti-Islam PVV leader was set to announce the faction leader for the PVV in Rotterdam, AD reports.

"We oppose the message of exclusion, not by chance, at this place at the Essalam Mosque: 'essalam stands for peace", Kuzu said, according to AD. He added that DENK looks forward to working with Nida, an Islam-inspired party that has three seats in Rotterdam. DENK is also participating in municipal elections in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Alkmaar, Roermond and Veenenedaal. And "almost certainly" also in Schiedam.

Shortly after this announcement, PVV leader Geert Wilders made his announcement. When Wilders announced that the Rotterdam faction of the PVV will be Géza Hegedüs, DENK could be seen in the background with flags. 

At the presentation Hegedüs called himself a born and bred Rotterdammer, according to NOS. He is a former soldier and an entrepreneur. "We are going to give Rotterdam back to the Rotterdammers. We are going to fight hard for this, because Islamization has to stop in this city", he said. Marjan Gonsalvez is second on the PVV's candidate list for Rotterdam. She was previously active for Leefbaar Rotterdam.

During the parliamentary election in March, DENK got nearly 8 percent of the Rotterdam votes and the PVV got over 15 percent.