Netlix serves 8.3 million hours of video to Netherlands daily; Most watch 84 mins. per day

Netflix on Xbox Live
Netflix on Xbox Livephoto: Jorge Glеz / Flickr

Around 5.6 million people in the Netherlands steam videos on Netflix for an average of 84 minutes per day, according to a study by Multiscope among 6,700 respondents aged 18 and older. That amounts to around 8.3 million hours of Netflix video watching per day, Bright reports.

Netflix owns about a third of the video-on-demand viewing time in the Netherlands. YouTube is the second largest video-on-demand service in the country with 18 percent of the viewing time, followed by NPO Start with 9 percent and Ziggo GO with 9 percent. 

According to Multiscope, Netflix's strongest growth in the Netherlands is now behind it. "Of the non-users, 8 percent are still interested in a subscription in the future." And 10 percent of current users say they plan to spend more times on Netflix.

The researchers also found that an estimated 1.12 million households in the Netherlands free-ride on Netflix by using other people's accounts. About 2.8 million households in the Netherlands pay a Netflix subscription, but the number of users is higher due to account sharing.