Truck driver sought in icy road accident that killed two kids

Police investigation revealed that a truck may have been involved in an accident on Sloeweg in Ritthem in which two children were killed. The police are looking for the driver of this truck to speak to him or her as a witness.

The accident happened on Tuesday, December 12th. A mother was driving with her two young children when her car ended up on the wrong side of the road for still unknown reasons, according to the police. A 2-year-old boy died at the scene of the accident, his 5-year-old sister died in hospital later.

The police believe that the woman's car probably connected with the trailer of a truck. The truck would have sustained damage. The semi-trailer has sails on the side and two light-colored doors at the rear. The police would like to get in touch with the driver as he or she may be able to provide more information on what happened.