Cops can't keep up with illegal fireworks smuggling: Report

The police have too little manpower to check all signals about illegal fireworks, according to Gerrit van de Kamp of police union ACP. There are simply not enough police officers to go check every address where illegal fireworks are suspected, RTL Nieuws reports.

The police are intensively searching for illegal fireworks providers and buyers, but they can't keep up. "That stuff is traded across the entire country", Van der Kamp said. "The police want to check all suspicions, but the amount of work is too great." 

"As soon as detectives investigate on the internet, there is usually an incredible amount of information about addresses and suspects", the union leader said. "This amount is considerably larger than the available manpower at the police."

According to Van der Kamp, the fact that a successful online investigation can not always be followed up due to a shortage of police officers, is a "new issue" in several areas of investigative work.