New development in 2015 Amsterdam wild-west shooting; reward offered for information

Forensic investigators at the scene of a fatal shooting on De Clercqstraat, 13 May 2015
Forensic investigators at the scene of a fatal shooting on De Clercqstraat, 13 May 2015Photo: Opsporing Verzocht

Two years of forensic investigation resulted in a small breakthrough in the investigation into a wild-west like shooting on De Clercqstraat in Amsterdam in May 2015. Two men fired between 10 and 20 shots with automatic firearms just after midnight on May 13th, 2015, leaving 25-year-old Youssef El Kahtaoui dead. The police found traces of DNA on one of the fired bullets, was revealed on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday.

A reward of 20 thousand euros was offered for information that leads to the perpetrators' arrest.

The police are certain that El Kahtaoui, from Zaandam, was not the intended target. Investigators believe he was shot because he got out of his car to see what was going on when he noticed two armed men in helmets entering a sisha lounge on De Clercqstraat. 

According to Het Parool, El Kahtaoui was on De Clercqstraat with a friend that night to buy some takeout. One of the perpetrators opened fire on him with a Kalashnikov. He died at the scene.

The perpetrators fired between 10 an 20 shots, according to the police. Bullets also hit a passing tram, but fortunately no one else was wounded. 

The perpetrators fled on a stolen scooter, and have not been found since. As the two perpetrators wore helmets throughout the incident, not much is known about their appearance except that they have dark skin.

The police call on anyone with information that may help in solving this case to come forward.


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