Amsterdam named Europe's best tech city to work in

Amsterdam is the best tech city to work in in Europe, according to a study into Europe's tech scene by Hubspot, a leading CRM and customer experience platform. Compared to other leading startup cities Berlin, Dublin and London, Amsterdam has the highest average net salary, the fastest mobile internet speeds and the highest standard of living, the study found.

On other factors like the cost of rent, a beer, a cappuccino or a bottle of wine, Amsterdam is around the middle of the group of five EU cities, with London and Dublin coming out as most expensive. 

Hubspot also surveyed nearly 500 Amsterdam residents about the startup and tech industry in the Dutch capital. 93 percent said they think the tech scene is growing in the city, 91 percent believed that tech companies can succeed in Amsterdam's economy, and 96 percent think tech jobs are growing in the city. 

According to Hubspot, their study into Amsterdam's startup landscape revealed that "the city is overwhelmingly viewed as a fertile ground for new businesses". A massive 97 percent of Amsterdam respondents believe that a new tech or startup company can be successful in the city and 91 percent said that Amsterdam has access to all the technical and digital talent needed to grow a company.

Yet despite this optimistic outlook, only 28 percent of Amsterdam respondents considered their city to be Europe's current startup innovation hub, the rest naming London and Berlin. Hubspot recommends that Amsterdam works on building its reputation as a leading home for startups and scale-ups, in order to make sure that it is seen as competitive with other European capitals. 

"Startups are a driving force for innovation, and create enormous benefits for employees, businesses and nations alike", said Christian Kinnear, Managing Director of EMEA at Hubspot. “Amsterdam provides new businesses with access to a wealth of accelerators and incubators, and offers a great environment for them to thrive. It’s clear from the findings of our survey that the city has a burgeoning startup scene, and we’re looking forward to seeing it continue to develop.”

According to I Amsterdam, the Dutch capital is home to around 800 startups and scale-ups, and 170 IT companies have headquarters in the city. New businesses in Amsterdam can also find support in initiatives like International Talent Event Amsterdam, Ready to Scale, and The Amsterdam School of Data Science, information on all of which can be found on the IAmsterdam site. 

The Hubspot study named Berlin the fastest-growing tech hub in Europe, Dublin the most entrepreneurial city on the continent, London the most innovative city, and Paris the most promising city.