Forty escaped cows roam Brabant town

Escaped cows roaming through Bladel, 24 Nov 2017
Escaped cows roaming through Bladel, 24 Nov 2017Photo: @gemeente_Bladel / Twitter

Some 40 cows escaped from their pasture on Friday morning and spent a few happy hours roaming around the Noord-Brabant town of Bladel, near the border with Belgium.

The police received the first report of the escaped cows around 5:00 a.m. on Friday, according to

The police and municipality both placed calls on their social media pages, looking for experienced farmers to help capture the animals. The cows were finally rounded up near the center of Bladel and near Hulsel. They were loaded into a trailer and returned to their pasture.

According to the police, the cows cased "no real" dangerous situations, and no people or cows were hurt. 



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