Netherlands still paying welfare to suspected jihadists: report

The Dutch Tax Authority still hasn't stopped welfare payments to any suspected Dutch jihadists who joined the war in Syria, despite a law making this possible being implemented in October, the Telegraaf reports. 

The CDA is surprised by this revelation, and is demanding clarification from State Secretary Menno Snel of Finance, according to the newspaper. CDA parliamentarian Pieter Omtzigt wants to know from Snel whether all suspected Dutch foreign rebel fighters in Syria on the list have been checked, and when their benefits will be stopped. "It is very, very undesirable that these people would receive support from the Dutch State", he said to the newspaper. 

It is up to the Dutch intelligence and investigative services to inform the tax authorities about suspected Dutch jihadists whose benefits must be stopped. According to the Tax Authority, this hasn't happened yet. Though a spokesperson pointed out to the Telegraaf, that the law only recently took effect.