€36k quickly raised to pay Zwarte Piet supporters' police fines

Kick Out Zwarte Piet blocked from protesting racism in Friesland Netherlands on Sinterklaas
The A7 highway blocked near Heerenveen by about 35 people refusing to let groups of people pass through to protest Zwarte Piet, blackface and racism at the Sinterklaas arrival in Dokkum, Friesland. 18 Nov. 2017photo: "Otto" / Kick Out Zwarte Piet

Over 36 thousand euros was raised in under two days in an action launched to cover any possible fines imposed on people who blocked the A7 highway to stop three buses carrying Kick Out Zwarte Piet protesters from reaching Dokkum on Saturday.

The protesters had permission to demonstrate against racism at Sinterklaas' arrival in the Friesland town, but could not arrive in time due to the highway being blocked. Police officers eventually escorted the protesters to Dokkum, but the demonstration was canceled due to the delay. None of the group who blocked the highway were arrested, though the police did take down their names and license plates. 

"To show these heroes support, I thought it would be a good idea to help these people pay the fines that follow. Even if everyone donates the minimum amount, we'll come a long way to paying these fines and also to protect our tradition!" the initiator of the fundraiser wrote. "UNITY IS POWER!" 

Over 4,400 people donated money to the fundraiser. "Great action to keep a children's party a children's party, so great that those KOZP idiots who only have support in Amsterdam were stopped", one donor wrote in the comments under the name DenBolle.

"Very good action. These are citizens who fight for the preservation of their culture! I hope that you have extra money left over and have a big party with it, because you certainly deserve it. I am proud of you!" Linda Hildagarde commented. 

"UNITY IS POWER! May this be the first step to the bigger awakening!", Tymen Lor commented. "Zwarte Piet was black and must stay Black", said Joop Ceasar. 

The highway blockade caused a large number of traffic problems as well as several accidents. On Sunday Minister Raymond Knops of Home Affairs said that pro-Zwarte Piet protesters must also abide by the law. "I understand the emotions on this subject, but I cannot approve of people stopping everything on a highway," Knops said. "Everyone must abide by the law, including these people."