Defense: Equipment problems on Dutch fleet

The Ministry of Defense acknowledged that the Dutch fleet is struggling under equipment problems, following a report by independent website Four air defense- and command frigates in the Dutch fleet can barely operate due to technical problems, according to the site.

Defense acknowledged the problems, but added that the Ministry has "come a long way" and "worked hard to restore material readiness" over the past years, ANP reports. The government made additional resources available to address Defense's material problems. "The shelves with spare parts gradually become full again."

The Ministry also acknowledged that this does not alter the fact that the problems are still there, and emergency solutions are therefore still necessary. "A ship that, for example, is out of service for a long period of time due to maintenance, can hand over parts to a ship that's going on a mission. The starting point here is that ships that go on missions are always equipped in such a way that they can accomplish their mission in a good way."