Iranian separatist leader killed in The Hague: Reports

A shooting in the Bezuidenhout district of Den Haag left one man dead Wednesday evening, police said. Sources close to the victim said he was Ahmad Mola Neissi, the leader of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, an Omroep West report stated.

A spokesperson for the separatist movement confirmed the victim's identity to newspaper AD, saying Neissi fled Iran in 2005. He had been living in the Netherlands with his wife and five children for about ten years, the report added. Police did not confirm the man's identity in a report published hours after the incident.

One person fled the scene as police arrived at about 5 p.m. He was later caught and taken into custody, authorities said. His involvement with the shooting is still under investigation.

Paramedics on scene managed to resuscitate the wounded man, but he died soon after.

The broadcaster's sources openly accused Iran of assassinating Neissi. Iran classifies the Arab Struggle Movement as a terrorist group, accusing them of orchestrating several bombings in Iran, mainly targeting government buildings.

"Sorry to hear about his assasination [sic]; Iran regime has assasinated [sic] so many since its establishment so wouldn't put it past them," activist Maryam Namazie said on Twitter in response to the murder.