Man dies after hammer attack

Crime scene tape
Crime scene tape. (Politie)

A 58-year-old man who was on Sunday afternoon, died of his injuries on Monday, the victim's family and the police confirmed to the Telegraaf. According to the newspaper, the perpetrator first hit the man with his car and then attacked him with the hammer. 

The man's family has no idea what the motive behind the attack can be. The father of four children had no debts and wasn't fighting with anyone, according to the family. "Our father had no enemies", one said to the newspaper.

The attack happened on Verlengde Morsestraat in Winterswijk on Sunday afternoon. The perpetrator hit the victim, who was walking on the sidewalk, with his car from behind. He then got out of the car and hit the man with a hammer, before getting back in the car and driving off. Witnesses saw him hit the victim, lying helpless on the ground, several times on the head.