Deputy Amsterdam mayor eyeing national politics role

Kasja Ollongren (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vera de Kok). (Kasja Ollongren (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vera de Kok))

Deputy Amsterdam mayor Kasja Ollongren has an exciting week ahead. Her party the D66 is looking for ministers in the Rutte III cabinet, and Commissioner of the King Johan Remkes is looking for an interim mayor for Amsterdam. And Ollongren is a favorite for both functions, sources tell Het Parool. 

Ollongren's name is regularly mentioned in the line of ministerial candidates, according to the newspaper. She is on both the D66 and Prime Minister Mark Rutte's wishlists. The reason for this is that Ollongren had a high position in the Ministry of General Affairs until 2014, during which she built up trust with Rutte. This could help in keeping the new four-party coalition together. 

Ollongren is also a favorite for interim mayor of Amsterdam until a new candidate is appointed in September next year. She made a very good impression in the short time since she took over Mayor Eberhard van der Laan's duties when he stepped down due to his lung cancer on September 18th. And ow that Van der Laan passed away, commissioner of the King Remkes has to appoint an interim mayor. Remkes will talk to the faction leaders in the Amsterdam municipal council about this on Tuesday evening. 

While nothing is certain yet, Amsterdam is already preparing for Ollongren's departure. For example, Sebastiaan Capel - chairman of district Zuid - is getting ready to take over Ollongren's tasks as alderman for culture, sources in the D66 told Het Parool.