Italian mafia member killed in Amsterdam: report

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A 44-year-old man was found dead in a car in Amsterdam-West on Thursday afternoon. According to the Amsterdam police, the victim's identity hasn't been determined yet. But according to newspaper AD's sources and the Italian media, the victim is Italian mafia member Saverio Tucci.

The Amsterdam police released very little information about this case, not even the street where the man was found dead. On Sunday the police only said that the body was found under suspicious circumstances. And that three suspects were arrested and are in restricted custody, which means that they're only allowed contact with their lawyers. The police released this statement on Sunday afternoon, only after Italian media started reporting the death, according to AD.

Tucci is well known to the Italian authorities, according to the newspaper. He previously served a prison sentence for drug trafficking and involvement in mafia practices. In 2012 he survived an attempted assassination. 

The Italian media reports that Tucci formed part of the Libergolis, the mafia based around the city of Manfredonia. The clan forms part fo the Sacra Corona Unita mafia branch. According to the Republica, Tucci was known as "angel face" due his remarkably blue eyes.

Members of Italian organized crime are often active in and around Amsterdam, according to Het Parool. The Dutch capital is known as a favorite hiding place for mafia members facing heat in Italy. Italian criminals also often come to the Netherlands because it is an important drug shifting point in Europe.

Earlier this year, the Dutch National Police established a special anti-mafia team focused specifically on tracking down Italian mafia members hiding in the Netherlands. In September the team booked its first success in the arrest of Gioacchino B. in Amsterdam.