New gov't to have two ministers for Education, Health and Security: report

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The Rutte III cabinet plans to have two Ministers each at the ministries of Security Justice, Public Health, and Education, sources told newspaper AD. This is the first time that Ministries in the Netherlands will be headed by two ministers, according to the newspaper.

The VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie made a preliminary agreement on this matter, the newspaper's sources said. Because these three ministries will each have two ministers, there will no longer be a separate ministry for agriculture, like the CDA wanted. Though according to AD, the CDA hasn't given up this fight yet and the parties will talk about the matter again on Thursday. The D66's wish for a climate minister survived. Whether there will be an immigration minister is not clear.

The exact division of duties between these double ministers, is still being worked out. So far it's clear that at the Ministry of Security and Justice one Minister will deal with the police and judiciary and the other with the rule of law, according to the newspaper. At the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports, one Minister will work on long-term care and the other on hospital care.