Defense launches investigation into sexual abuse case from 1982

Van Horne Barracks at the Royal Military School in Weert
Van Horne Barracks at the Royal Military School in WeertPhoto: ArmTheInsane / Wikimedia Commons

The Ministry of Defense is launching an investigation into a former soldier being sexually abused in 1982, a spokesperson confirmed to ANP. Ex-soldier Ronald Vreeburg says that he was abused by five other soldiers at the Royal Military school in Weert, Limburg when he was 17 years old. 

According to Vreeburg, he reported the abuse to the peloton leadership after it happened, but he was not taken seriously. In 2015 he spoke to the Inspector General of the Armed Forces, and was told that the case was past its statute of limitations, the news wire reports.

Defense now decided to have its Central Organization for Integrity look into the case afterall. The goal of the investigation is to determine what happened in 1982, and also how Vreeburg's reports to his supervisors were handled.