Gender neutrality to play big role in Netherlands social policy


The new Dutch government plans to limit gender registration and work gender-neutrally as much as possible, sources confirmed to RTL Nieuws. Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution will be supplemented to specifically prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The parties also made agreements regarding multiple parenthood - allowing a child to legally have more than two parents. They agreed to make this a so-called free-topic. This means that the two Christian parties - who are against this - do not have to vote for the proposal, but also won't impede it. 

In August newspaper AD revealed that the new cabinet wants more research to be done into multiple parenthood. According to RTL, a committee led by Aleid Wolfsen looked into the proposal and made a number of recommendations, including looking into issues like naming children when more than two parents are involved. Sources told the broadcaster that the new cabinet accepts and will follow these recommendations.