Victim in Breda shooting has "no clue" why he was targeted: lawyer

Forensic investigators at a crime scene
Forensic investigators at a crime scene. (Photo: Politie)

Seven shots were fired at 32-year-old Harib A. in front of his home on Jan David Zocherstraat in Breda early on Thursday morning. Six bullets hit him. A. knows that he is very lucky to have survived the attempted assassination, but has no idea why he was targeted, his lawyer Menno Buntsma said to RTL Nieuws. 

"He is currently being guarded in the hospital", the lawyer said. The lawyer is speaking behalf of A. "among other things, because my client is wondering why he was targeted". He added: "In the past some things happened, but that someone has a bone to pick is no explanation for an attack. My client is full of questions. He has not been in contact with the police for years. He has no cue who is behind the attack and does not rule out mistaken identity."

According to the lawyer, A. is now mainly focused on recovering. "Six of the seven bullets hit him in the body. In the surgery a hole was closed in his intestine, among other things. No other vital organs were hit; that is a miracle because it was a targeted shooting at short range."

There are rumors that A. is active in the drug world, but the Buntsma doesn't know anything about that, he said to the broadcaster.

The police also did not want to speculate and only told RTL that the investigation is still ongoing. "We have not arrested anyone yet", a spokesperson said to the broadcaster. "We will make clear agreements with the victim about his safety when he is discharged from hospital. If necessary, appropriate measures will be taken. We can, for example, advise him to temporarily go into hiding at another address."

A. has four children. They were at home during the attack. "Fortunately they did not notice the attack because they were already asleep. But the family is very upset. His girlfriend was in shock."