Dutch football assoc. cancels 1,461 too expensive tickets for Netherlands vs Swede match

Dutch football association KNVB declared 1,461 tickets for the match between Oranje and Sweden invalid because they were offered on resale websites for too high prices. "We want football to remain accessible to everyone", KNVB director Gijs de Jong said to the Telegraaf.

Over the past weeks, the KNVB searched the internet for tickets being resold at high prices. The association contacted the sellers, and if they could not give a proper explanation for why the ticket was being resold, the ticket was invalidated. People who bought a ticket for the Netherlands vs Sweden match next week Tuesday, can check on the KNVB site whether their ticket is still valid.

The KNVB considers overpriced resold tickets a major problem, according to the newspaper. Reselling tickets is already against the KNVB's rules, but the association wants it to also be prohibited by law.