Youtube takes down Wilders anti-Prophet Mohammed video; Wilders threatened

YouTube decided to remove Geert Wilders' anti-Prophet Mohammed video from the site, Wilders announced on Twitter. "YouTube just censored my Muhammad clip. Twitter already made it impossible to watch from Germany + France. The truth is forbidden", the PVV leader tweeted. He also posted more threats made against him on social media.

Wilders posted a screenshot of the notification YouTube sent him about the removal of his film. It states that YouTube removed the video because it does not comply to the sites' community guidelines. "We are a stage for free speech and stand for everyone's right to express opinions, even if not everyone wants to hear them. However, YouTube does not allow hate speech. It is not always easy to determine where the boundary lies between an opinion and a call for hatred. If you do not know if you're content crosses the line, we ask you not to post your content", the notification reads, translated from Dutch. 

YouTube also put a warning on Wilders account, called PVVpers. This is his first warning, and will be in effect for three months. Further violations of the community guidelines could lead to the account being blocked from posting any new content, or being completely removed. 

Like he did last week, Wilders also filed another 10 charges of threat with the police. He posted a picture of the completed forms, as well as some screenshots of threats made against him on social media. "I'm going to kill you with a sniper", one reads. Another threatens to pull his organs out through his throat. And the third threatens to cut off his arms and break his legs.