Amsterdam Airbnb landlords now obliged to report their listing

Amsterdam implemented another measure to combat illegal vacation rentals on Sunday. From now on, all Amsterdam residents who rent out their homes or rooms in their homes to tourists through Airbnb or other house sharing sites, are to the municipality. Those who fail to do so, will be fined, the municipality said in a press release on Sunday.

Amsterdam residents can report their holiday rentals through using their DigiD details. According to the municipality, this obligation to report listings will make it easier to check how many days a home or room was rented for and act against illegal rentals if necessary. People who do not report their listings, will face a fine of 6 thousand euros. That fine can increase to a maximum of 20,500 euros if other rules were also broken.

Alderman Laurens Ivens calls on all Amsterdammers to comply to this new obligation. "The duty to report is a new and powerful weapon in the fight against illegal hotels. For the well-meaning people renting their own home out for short periods, reporting a holiday rental is little trouble, while we can effectively address the illegal hotels, exceeding the 60 day limit and the inconvenience associated with that."