Dutch on Bali called to register with embassy due to imminent volcanic eruption

Mount Agung on eastern Bali
Mount Agung on eastern BaliPhoto: David Stanley / Twitter

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is calling on Dutch people in Bali to register themselves with the Dutch embassy due to an imminent volcanic eruption on the island. People planning to go to the Indonesian island should also make sure they're registered with the embassy. Dutch on the island can register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' 24/7 concact center, RTL Nieuws reports. 

According to the Indonesian authorities, Mount Agung in northeastern Bali can erupt at any moment. Everyone in a 12 kilometer radius around the volcano must leave the area. Around 50 thousand people already fled the island. 

"For the rest of the island, such as the popular holiday areas in the south, there is no warning yet", the Dutch embassy informed travelers, according to the broadcaster. "The airports and ports are open. That could change, and it is important that you prepare for it." Travelers are also advised to make sure they have their travel documents on hand, keep an eye on local media and follow the instructions of travel agencies and local authorities. 

The biggest danger of an eruption is large, hot clouds made from a mixture of ash, gases and partially solidified lava that can come down at huge speeds and reach a distance of several kilometers. Lahars - volcanic mud streams - also pose a great danger. Lahars can reach speeds of around 100 kilometers per hour and destroy everything in its path for dozens of kilometers. 

Meteorological institute KNMI has a volcanologist keeping an eye on the situation in Bali on behalf of the institute. "An eruption can happen at any moment", according to the KNMI. "The past teaches that Mount Agung is capable of very large eruptions, which can create many victims."