Sailors injured in crash between ferry, freighter

Ambulance. (Photo: Politie)

A skipper and a sailor were injured in a collision between a freight ship and a ferry on Boven-Merwede near Gorinchem on Tuesday morning. Both victims were taken to hospital, NOS reports.

The freighter sailor's injuries seem to be minor. The condition of the ferry's skipper is unknown. There were no passengers on the ferry at the time of the crash.

The ferry crashed into the ship, which was carrying a load of plaster, around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The cause of the accident is unclear, though thick fog in the area may have played a role. A spokesperson for local safety office Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Holland-Zuid told NOS that emergency services had a hard time reaching the location of the crash.

The ferry has been docked. It's front was damaged. The ship suffered minor damage.