Defense implements stricter access control after jihadist arrest at Volkel base

The Ministry of Defense is implementing stricter access control procedures for non-Defense personnel who want to enter a Defense barracks. This follows the arrest of a convicted jihadist at Volkel air base earlier this year, ANP reports.

From now on, everyone who has to work on a military base, must first present a declaration of good behavior, the Ministry of Defense announced. There will also be be more supervision on non-Defense workers and the signing in procedures are being adapted. 

In May a 19-year-old man, previously convicted of trying to travel to Syria to join a terrorist organization, was arrested at Volkel. He was hired through a temp agency to help in excavation work on the base. At the time, the proper procedures weren't followed and he was granted access to the barracks area. There were no indications that the man had any malicious intentions on the base. 


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