Up to 21 years in prison demanded in 2014 Brabant murder

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The Public Prosecutor demanded an appellate court order prison sentences of 21, 19, 15 and 13 years against five people suspected of involvement in the murder of Yvon Pfaff in Sint-Michielsgestel in 2014.

The demand corresponds to the sentences the court imposed on the suspects last year. The suspects filed the appeal in the case, NU.nl reports.

Pfaff's body was found in a burnt out car in Sint-Michielsgestel on June 22nd, 2014. The suspects against whom the highest sentences were demanded - 21 and 19 years - are the alleged gunman and the person convicted of ordering the murder, according to the Prosecutor. A female suspect, the gunman's wife, lured Pfaff to a cottage where he was murdered, the prosecutor claims. The other two suspects are accused of arson, among other things.

The police tracked the suspects down by using undercover officers posing as members of the Italian mafia. The prime suspect was arrested in Italy and extradited to the Netherlands. Why Pfaff was murdered is still unclear. The Prosecutor believes that an argument over money may be involved. 

The court in Den Bosch is expected to rule in two weeks.