Possible solution found in govt. clash over teacher salaries: VVD chairman

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The VVD and PvdA may have found a solution to resolving their disagreement about increasing teachers' salaries in the budget for next year, VVD chairman Halbe Zijlstra said before entering the second round of budget talks at the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday afternoon, AD reports.

Exactly what this solution is, he did not say. "We're now going to see if it really is a solution", Zijlstra said to the newspaper. 

Last week the departing government seemed to have reached a compromise. They agreed to set 270 million euros per year extra aside for increases for teachers' salaries, like the PvdA wanted. And in return the VVD could push more money into Defense. But the CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie - the other three parties currently involved in negotiating forming a new government with the VVD - were reluctant to commit to an amount and give the deal the go-ahead. 

The budget must be submitted to the Council of State on Thursday, so that it can be checked over in time for Budget Day. PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher previously threatened that his party will not sign a budget that does not include salary increases for teachers.