Sunny, hot days ahead for Netherlands

Monday and Tuesday are expected to be hot and sunny across the Netherlands, with temperatures up to 32 degrees on Tuesday, Weeronline predicts. Though by Wednesday, rain is expected to drive the summer weather away for a while.

Monday started out foggy, but temperatures will rise during the course of the day. Maximum temperatures will range from 22 degrees in the north to around 29 degrees in the south of the country. 

Tuesday is expected to be very sunny and very hot. The Randstad, Noord-Holland and Friesland will have the lowest maximum temperatures ranging between 24 and 27 degrees. Limburg and the eastern parts of Noord-Brabant will be hotter with maximum temperatures ranging between 30 and 32 degrees. 

Wednesday will be cloudy and rainy. Afternoon temperatures are expected to range between 18 degrees in the northern parts of the country to 25 degrees in the southeast. The cooler weather will last out the rest of the week, though it is expected to be mostly dry, with periods of sunshine breaking through the clouds.