School pupil goes to court over 0.05 points needed to get diploma

Exams (Photo: Narek75/Wikimedia Commons)Exams (Photo: Narek75/Wikimedia Commons)

An 18-year-old girl who just barely failed a VWO exam, is challenging the outcome of her French exam in court. If she got only 0.05 of a point more on one answer, she would've passed and gone to university, according to her lawyer Wilco Brussee, AD reports.

The French exam was already under fire this year because of mistakes. The Dutch college for tests and exams CvTE already adapted the scores for the French exam somewhat, but not enough for this pupil to get her diploma. Because she got 0.05 points too few in the French exam, she failed her diploma, the lawyer said. This is unjust, because the CvTE did not calculate the scores well, he plans to argue in the Utrecht court on Wednesday.

When the court will rule is not yet clear. A ruling takes usually two weeks, but as the universities start on September 1st, this one may come sooner. 

As far as is known, this is the first time that a pupil is taking the CvTE to court for this reason.