Sligro Gouda employees questioned over shoplifter's death

Sligro. Photo: J187B / Wikimedia Commons

Two employees of the Sligro branch in Gouda are being questioned by the police on Tuesday in connection with the death of a shoplifter two weeks ago, AD reports.

Two weeks ago a 34-year-old Polish man was caught stealing from the wholesaler. When he was addressed on this behavior, he tried to flee. He repeatedly ran into the glass sliding door until it broke, and then he jumped through the window, according to the newspaper. Two employees overpowered him and held him until the police arrived.

When officers arrived at the scene, the man was not moving. First responders resuscitated him and rushed him to hospital. He died a few days later, without regaining consciousness. An autopsy was done in Poland, the results are not yet known.

The two staff members involved, two men aged 56 and 57, are being questioned today. They were formally arrested, which gives them access to all the rights of a detainee. The expectation is that they will be released after questioning. 

The investigation is ongoing. "This is a civil arrest and we want to know exactly how the shop employees acted", a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor said to the newspaper.