Dutch theme parks very popular, especially among foreign tourists: ABN Amro

The Dutch theme parks and zoos are doing very well, especially thanks to foreign tourists, according to a report by ABN Amro economists. Tourists are attracted to the quality of the theme parks, easily available accommodation and the relatively low entrance prices, the researchers conclude, AD reports.

The researchers predict a 3 percent increase in the number of visitors this year, should the current weather predictions hold, and a 2.5 percent increase next year. Foreign tourists, especially from Germany and Belgium, account for a significant part of this growth. 

The popularity among foreign tourists can be partly attributed to relatively low entrance prices in the Netherlands, according to ABN Amro. Dutch theme parks charge an average of about 33 euros per adult, compared to 45 euros in Germany and even 109 dollars (about 93 euros) in the United States. 

But the Dutch parks and zoos should not rest on their laurels and must continue to invest in new attractions, as they lead to higher visitor numbers and rising revenue. This does not necessarily mean that entrance ticket prices need to increase. According to ABN Amro, many visitors to theme parks and zoos are willing to pay more for additional extras, like closer parking or faster access to attractions.