Zeeland residents most stingy when vacationing abroad

Residents of the province of Zeeland spent the least money on vacationing abroad last year, according to data platform Localfocus based on figures from Statistics Netherlands. The average expenditure per Zeeland resident was 697 euros per resident. Noord-Holland residents spent the most money, 902 euros per holiday, NU.nl reports.

Destinations also differed between the two provinces. Zeeland residents preferred to go to Spain. While Noord-Holland residents opted for more expensive holiday countries like Germany and France. 

According to Localfocus, the number of vacations abroad was last year about the same as a decade ago. For every 10 Dutch persons, 8.4 went abroad for vacation. The number of long vacations - four or more consecutive nights - decreased from 5.2 in 2007 to 4.7 last year. 


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