New search launched for Dutch man missing in Turkey

The Turkish police will soon launch a new search for missing Joey Hoffmann from Haaksbergen, police chief and investigation leader Zafer Senocak said on Monday. "Do not think we're giving up, the investigation continues with full force", he said, according to AD.

Hoffmann has been missing for a month. The 21-year-old man accompanied a couple from Haaksbergen to Silifke in Turkey to help them set up a new home. The Turkish police believe he may have fallen victim to a crime. 

The Turkish authorities previously searched the area where Hoffmann was last seen, near Silifke. This time they'll search a larger area, using specialist equipment and sniffer dogs. The search will continue within a few days, according to Senocak.

Over the weekend various newspapers reported that the couple Hoffman was with - Bjorn and Derya Breukers - told the Turkish police that they used drugs the night before Hoffman disappeared. The Turkish police have released no details about this. 

Hoffman's brother Robin was furious about this story, according to AD. On Facebook he wrote: "Playing with the life of my little brother... Joey, drugs, abroad? No fucking way... Just declare that you used drugs... Did my little brother flee because of that and is maybe in life-threatening danger? Lying to save your own back... You didn't even look for him!"