Nine Dutch added to national terrorism list

Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs added another nine Dutch to the national terrorism list, bringing the total number of names on the list up to 121. Their assets were frozen and they can no longer access their Dutch bank accounts or credit cards, RTL Nieuws reports.

What exactly these nine people did to end up on the list was not announced. Most of the people on the list are there for involvement in terrorist activities or with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. "These Dutch people contribute to the ruthless violence in that region. They also pose a potential risk after returning to Dutch society", Koenders said. The list is shared within the European Union.

The new names on the list include six women. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, women have a major influence in groups like ISIS. They are encouraged to get married and have children quickly, are often in charge of recruiting more women to the terrorist organization or are deployed as nurses. In this way they maintain ISIS.

A total of 121 people are on the Netherlands national terrorism list, including 28 women and three organizations.