Water police stop issuing fines in conflict with corps leadership

Water police on the Hollands Diep
Water police on the Hollands Diep. (Photo: S.J. de Waard / Wikimedia Commons)

From now until the end of August the water police will not issue any fines along the Dutch coast and on the inland bodies of water that fall under the National Unit. This is part of intensified labor actions in an ongoing conflict with the police's corps leadership, NOS reports.

The water police officers feel that too little money is made available for their unit, according to police unions ACP and NPB. They are also dissatisfied with the plan to merge the water police staff with police officers working on the railroad and roads. "Working on the water is really different, just because of the nautical knowledge needed", Albert Springer of the NPB said to NOS.

The conflict between the water police and corps leadership has been going on for months. According to the unions, demands seem to be met, but then nothing improves. 

Bodies of water with a lot of recreational craft - like the Reeuwijk and Friesland lakes - fall under the control of local units, and not the National Unit. So fines will be issued there as usual, according to NOS.