Dutch cops call for more training, shooting lessons

A police officer aiming his service weapon
A police officer aiming his service weapon. (Photo: Politie)

Dutch police officers want more training in arrest techniques and self-defense, as well as more shooting lessons, police union ACP said to newspaper AD.

Each police officer must undergo at least 32 hours of training per year. But due to a shortage of teachers, around half of the cops in the Netherlands don't get there, according to the union.

The officers are tired of the situation and demand a solution - especially because several police officers are currently being prosecuted for using violence. For example, two police officers are being prosecuted for the death of Mitch Henriquez shortly after being arrested in The Hague two years ago. "If that's the result of inadequate training, then that's very bad", ACP chairman Gerrit van de Kamp said to AD.

The police leadership told the newspaper that they are working on recruiting more teachers. They also point out that it is not the number of training hours that is important, but that the police officers pass their tests.