Dutch student missing in France

Elle Custers from Spaubeek, missing in France since 21 Jul 2017
Elle Custers from Spaubeek, missing in France since 21 Jul 2017. (Photo: Politie Limburg / Facebook)

Nijmegen student Elle Custers is missing in France, the Limburg police reported on Sunday. The 20-year-old woman did not arrive at her holiday address over the weekend. Her parents had contact with her for the last time on Friday.

Elle is from Spaubeek in Limburg. According to the police, she traveled from Spain, where she worked as an au pair, to Bordeaux in France by train and bicycle. She contacted her parents from Bordeaux on Friday. She had a train ticket to travel from Bordeaux to Sainte Foy la Grande on Saturday. Whether she made this journey is unclear. 

The young woman's parents called the police on Sunday night, after not hearing from their daughter in two days. Elle usually contacts them once a day. 

The police hope that someone in the region of Bordeaux or Sainte Foy la Grande had contact with the Dutch student after Friday night and may be able to shed light on her whereabouts.

According to newspaper AD, Elle is currently studying to be a primary school teacher at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Before that she studied at Radboud University.