Fewer cars, more motorcycles stolen in first half of 2017

In the first six months of this year, the number of passenger cars stolen in the Netherlands dropped by 11 percent, but the number of motorcycles stolen increased by 8 percent, according to the foundation for tackling vehicle crime AVc, ANP reports. 

In the first half of this year, a total of 4,254 cars were stolen, compared to 4,776 in the first half of 2016. Newer types of cars are harder to steal due to improved security, The number of older cars stolen is also decreasing. Thieves often steal older cars for their parts. The police are therefore focusing on tackling the trade in stolen parts, while the government and insurers are working together to recover stolen vehicles. These measures are bearing fruit, according to the AVc.

The number of motorcycle thefts increased to 807. The AVc advises motorcycle drivers to chain their bikes to a parking bracket, fence of pole to prevent them from being stolen.

The theft of small commercial vehicles, such as delivery vans, decreased by 16 percent to 940. Scooter thefts decreased by 11 percent from 6,380 to 5,656.