Dual nationality not an option for Dutch living in post-Brexit UK: Dutch PM

Dutch nationals in the U.K. considering taking British citizenship in order to avoid complications after the Brexit, must be aware that they will lose their Netherlands passport due to existing limits on dual nationality, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said, according to The Guardian.

The United Kingdom and European Union are discussing citizens' rights issues relating to the Brexit in Brussels this week. The British government submitted an initial offer, which British foreign secretary described as "very good" and the EU described as vague and inadequate. This means that, at least for the time being, EU nationals living in the U.K. still face an uncertain future once Britain leaves the EU in March 2019.

Dutch hoping to avoid residency problems by taking British citizenship, must be aware that dual nationality is not an option, according to Rutte. "Countering dual nationality remains one of this cabinet's policies", the Dutch Prime Minister said on Monday, according to The Guardian. "This is because having a nationality is always associated with an actual link to a certain country. If at some point there is a question of a connection to the Netherlands or if the link to another country becomes stronger than that with the Netherlands, Dutch nationality will end."

According to the Dutch government, dual-nationality creates confusion about the rights a person has. For example, if you have a country's nationality, you may be called to compulsory military service. The Netherlands tries to avoid dual nationality where ever possible - immigrants who want to take Dutch citizenship, must also give up their original nationality if possible. 

The Dutch government is also launching an information campaign to inform citizens in the U.K. that they will be required to renounce their Dutch nationality if they want to take on a British one.