Dutch tourist sustain more serious injuries in scooter accidents abroad

Dutch tourists get into increasingly serious accidents with hired scooters while vacationing abroad, according to Eurocross Assistance.

"The injuries reported to us are more serious than a few years ago. Think of a femur fracture, a pelvic fracture and head injury", Nicole Bootsma, head of the Eurocross emergency medical team, said to news wire ANP. Eurocross Assistance is the Dutch alarm center for helping Dutch who get into trouble abroad.

Why Dutch tourists are sustaining increasingly serious injuries, is unclear. "We think Dutch people are becoming more adventurous and want to get about on their own", a spokesperson for Eurocross said. It could also be that Dutch are more relaxed and less careful while on holiday. 

Eurocross calls on Dutch tourists to pay close attention to local traffic rules, adapt driving behavior to suit the terrain you are on and be alert to weather conditions. It is also wise to wear protective clothing when riding a scooter, not "just flipflops and a bikini". 


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