Amsterdam opens center for problem causing asylum seekers

Amsterdam agreed to open the Netherlands' first separate center for problem causing asylum seekers. The central organization for the reception of asylum seekers, COA, hopes to have this center open and ready for residents by the fall, the Amsterdam mayor and aldermen informed the city council by letter, AD reports.

The so-called extra guidance and supervision location is intended for asylum seekers who cause problems in other centers. For example, people who discriminate against homosexuals, are aggressive, intimidate others and do not abide by the rules of the house. The letter to the city council stresses that it does not involve people convicted of a crime or with psychological problems. 

The center will be located in the former juvenile penitentiary Amsterbaken on Transformatorweg. Asylum seekers from across the country can be sent there, based on the decision of the COA. The COA eventually wants to open two or three of this type of location. 

The national government specifically approached Amsterdam with the request to open the center. "Amsterdam considers it important that living and working in asylum centers be fun. The COA indicated that such a center is very needed and Amsterdam gladly offers  helping hand", a spokesperson for the city said to AD.