Rotterdam angel investor firm opens own start-up incubator

Rotterdam investor Keadyn pushed 4.5 million euros into creating an "incubator" for technology startups. The concept is called 42workspace and is set to open its doors in the center of Rotterdam next week. A few other investors are also involved in this project, reports.

According to  Keadyn, Rotterdam does not have suitable office space for emerging technology companies "Startups need much more than just a desk, fast WiFi and good coffee", Keadyn partner Ohad Gilad said, according to the newspaper. "We offer an international network of startups, investors and other partners that can give 'our' startups a boost."

42workspace wants to accommodate around 60 new companies with a total of 260 workspaces. The concept is aimed at startups with up to 10 people. There will also be a type of restaurant in the building, which can serve as a meeting place. 

Entrepreneurs can rent a flexible spot for 15 euros a day or 99 euros a month, or a private office for about 800 euros a month. Interested companies will have to go through a selection process. 


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