Court frees Amsterdam man suspected of terrorism at Eindhoven stadium

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Article updated at 11:55 to add details about the suspect's arraignment and release from custody.

An Amsterdam man arrested at the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven during a Guus Meeuwis concert on June 9th, is suspected of preparing for a terrorist offense, the Public Prosecutor announced. The suspect was released from custody at his arraignment on Friday.

The 29-year-old man was caught standing outside the stadium, filming its entrance, while thousands of people were inside watching the concert. As the man is on a list of "maybe radicalized" persons, the police intervened and arrested him. The police searched his home earlier this week.

On Friday the court decided that the investigation so far did not provide enough suspicion of guilt to keep the man in custody, a spokesperson for the court said to the Telegraaf.

The investigation into the man is still ongoing, the Prosecutor said. "The investigation requires extreme care, for this reason no further details can be released at the moment."