Video: Cop car torched in Amsterdam after flower pot thrown at officers

Police. Photo: Politie

A police car was first hit by a thrown flower pot, then torched on Admiraal de Ruijterweg in Amsterdam early on Thursday morning, AT5 reports.

Police officers parked their car on Admiraal de Ruijterweg around 2:00 a.m., got out and went into a home to deal with a call. While they were inside, someone threw a flower pot onto their vehicle and then set the car on fire. 

The fire department extinguished the fire, but not before the police vehicle burnt out completely. A forensic investigation was done on the car. 

"Apart from the fact that this will of course cost a lot of money, a car specially designed as a police car, many loose items were also burnt", the police said, according to Het Parool. "Both items that belong to the police and personal belongings of the officers."