Car crashes into Rotterdam Zoo's historic entrance

Rotterdam Zoo's entrance gate
Rotterdam Zoo's entrance gatePhoto: Wikifrits / Wikimedia Commons

A car crashed into the historically old entrance of Rotterdam Zoo during the early hours of Friday morning. The car rolled and ended up in the zoo's entrance. Two of the five people in the car had to be hospitalized, AD reports.

The driver of the car was arrested for reckless driving. It is unclear whether he was intoxicated. The police are doing a technical investigation and speaking with everyone involved to find out what happened.

The gate, located on Van Aerssenlaan, was severely damaged. "I'm not an expert, but it does not look good", zoo spokesperson Constance Alderlieste said to AD. "The metal is bent and parts are broken. But human life is of course much more important. I hope they aren't seriously injured."

The gate at the Rotterdam Zoo, or Diergaarde Blijdorp as it is known in Dutch, is a registered national monument. According to Alderlieste, it is one of a kind.