Dutch man asks court to stop ex sending him naked pics

A man from Vollenhove asked the court on Wednesday to stop his ex-wife sending him naked pictures of herself. The ex-wife denies sending the pictures, and claims it's the man that's harassing her and not the other way around, De Stentor reports.

The couple from Vollenhove separated a few years ago after a 34 years of marriage. It was not an easy separation. In 2016 the woman filed charges of defamation against the man, because he showed nude pictures of her to family members. The man claimed he hoped that the family would convince her to stop sending them. The 60-year-old man was convicted by the court in Zwolle. But according to his lawyer, Theo Schut, the court in Leeuwarden acquitted him on appeal last week. 

The man is still receiving dozens of nude photos, Schut told the court. According to him, the accompanying text proves they come from the ex-wife as they contain details only she would know. The ex-wife also sent many discriminatory and racist texts about the man's new wife. 'You are happy with your black monkey', one text reads according to the lawyer. "For such comments, whole football matches are shut down", Schut said. 

The ex-wife's lawyer Esther Uijt de Boogaardt tells another story. According to her, her client is devastated by her ex-husband's efforts to "destroy her". The woman isn't sending the pictures, according to the lawyer. They believe an ex-boyfriend is behind it. She added that the man is harassing her client by contacting her through a fake Facebook account. "She is afraid because of his threats to destroy her. The fear controls her life", the lawyer said.