Tennis coach appoints new lawyer in businessman murder case

Former tennis coach Mark de J. appointed a new lawyer to defend him against murder charges in the death of businessman Koen Everink. Bob Kaarls will appear as De J.'s lawyer in a pro-forma hearing in court on Tuesday, AD reports.

The progress of the case will be discussed in court today.

De J.'s former lawyer Pieter Hoogendam resigned after the court rejected his request for additional trace evidence investigation. According to him, this meant that he could not do his job properly. He later suggested that he may take on De J.'s defense again, making his resignation feel like a ploy to win time.

The former tennis coach is suspected of stabbing Everink to death in his Bilthoven home in March last year. According to the Prosecutor, all evidence points to De J. being the murderer. He was in Everink's home the night he was killed, Everink's blood was found in his car and De J. owed the businessman money. He also googled a number of suspicious terms such as 'stab wound in abdomen', 'stab wound in head', 'diagram of organs', before Everink's murder.