Dutch govt formation still stuck; Green, Christian leaders to speak with mediator today

There's been seemingly no movement in the Dutch government formation talks over the past weeks. On Tuesday new mediator Herman Tjeenk Willink is meeting with GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver and ChristenUnie leader Gert-Jan Segers, ANP reports. Either party could be the fourth party that will give the coalition engine of VVD, CDA and D66 a majority in parliament and senate. Though whether either party will end up doing so remains to be seen, as previous talks with GroenLinks and ChristenUnie failed. 

GroenLinks negotiated with VVD, CDA and D66 in the weeks after the election on March 15th. But talks fell apart on the topic of migration. And talks between the 'engine' and ChristenUnie stalled even before they began - after a conversation between Segers and D66 leader Alexander Pechtold, the two parties decided their differences are too large for them to be able to work together. 

Last week Klaver said that he is willing to be part of the government, but he kept emphasizing the "enormous substantive differences" between the parties, AD reports. He is open to negotiations, provided that the other parties are also willing to compromise.

Segers also said that he is willing to negotiate, but only if his ChristenUnie is wanted by all other parties involved. For that to happen, the D66 and Pechtold would have to change their attitude, Segers said, describing it as a "miracle". 

On Friday Tjeenk Willink received VVD leader Mark Rutte and CDA leader Sybrand Buma. "In the interest of progress" in the formation talks, neither party leader would comment on what was discussed in this meeting that the D66 and Pechtold were not invited to.