Pit bull chases, bites jogger; Dog owner abandons victim

Pit bull terrier (Photo: Victor Frava / Wikimedia Commons)Pit bull terrier (Photo: Victor Frava / Wikimedia Commons)

A jogger was attacked by a pit bull in Geertruidenberg on Tuesday night. The dog bit him on both arms. The owner of the dog left the scene, abandoning the victim, BN De Stem reports.

The victim came across a father and son walking their two pit bulls while jogging in a nature reserve around 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday. One of the dogs wasn't on a leash and attacked the jogger when he passed them. 

According to BN De Stem, the dog owner offered to take the man to a doctor and to "sort it out between them". But when the victim called emergency number 112, the two men took their dogs and left. 

The victim was taken to hospital with an ambulance.

The dog owner turned himself in at the police station a few hours after the police posted a call for witnesses on Facebook. The police are investigating.

UPDATE 23:48 uur.

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