Girl forgotten at amusement park after school trip

Julianatoren in Apeldoorn
Julianatoren in Apeldoorn. (Photo: Edoderoo / Wikimedia Commons)

Taking a large number of kids on a school trip is always a challenge, and that was no different for the teachers of De Bongerd primary school in Oldenzaal when they took group 3 and 4 on a trip to the Julianatoren in Apeldoorn on Monday. The day went well, until they realized on their way home that one student was not on any of the three buses, Tubantia reports.

The girl from group 3 did not realize that her teachers and fellow students left the amusement park, because she still saw kids wearing green shirts - the same color as that of her school. When she finally realized the children were from another school, she asked an Julianatoren employee for help.

The amusement park immediately contacted the school. The school contacted the teachers and a parent, who accompanied the school trip in a car, was sent back to pick up the girl. At the park the girl was found happily eating candy under the watchful eye of an employee. 

"There was no fear and no panic, with no one", school director Paul Kamphuis said to the newspaper. "And luckily everything went well."

According to him, the teachers did a headcount shortly before leaving the park. But on the way out, some of the kids changed places to ride with friends on another of the three buses. "Then the overview was no longer complete."

"Form the first moment, everything was under control", Kamphuis said in a comment to RTL Nieuws. "We had had direct contact with the girl, we immediately made sure she was picked up by car." The girl's parents were kept informed about everything that was happening. And the parents of the other kids on the trip were also informed. "Getting back with all children is the biggest concern of teachers."