Student assaulted during hazing at Amsterdam student association: report

Clubhouse of Amsterdam student association ASC/AVSC
Clubhouse of Amsterdam student association ASC/AVSC . (Photo: Markbenecke / Wikimedia Commons)

The Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam is investigating a student being assaulted during hazing at the Amsterdam student association A.S.C./A.V.S.V., a spokesperson for the Amsterdam prosecution office confirmed to NRC. The aspiring Atomos member was left with several injuries, including a lost tooth.

The assault happened on January 31st. The young student received his Atomos membership after a period of hazing, but some other members did not agree with this. Around 2:00 a.m. three Atomos members assaulted the new student in the society's bathroom. The boy filed charges. According to the police, the boy's orientation period consisted of a long period of being bullied and humiliated and ended in an assault, NRC reports.

The three suspected members were suspended pending the outcome of an internal trial and the criminal investigation.